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For over two decades cross sections, details, and notes have been created for residential (and light commercial) drawings for building department submittal.  They have been corrected, and revised over time for accuracy and constructability.  These details and sections can save drafters many hours of drafting time.  Just select the one closest to the configuration at hand and edit it as needed.

The digitally signed and sealed pool plans are a result of a method developed over many years and used where a site specific drawing (SSD) of an in ground gunite swimming pool is drawn (with dimensions) on a specific lot and then my signed and sealed typical engineering sheet (TES) is attached to the drawing.  The TES defines the limits of the pool and the relevant codes and sections.  When these two drawings are in agreement and provided together as a package then the site specific drawing (which is not signed and sealed) is accepted by the local building department when submitted for permit.

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